Chemical Conversion Treatment Coating

Chromate conversion
Finish Name
Chemical Conversion Treatment Coating
Chromate Coating
Chem Film
Chemical Conversion Coating
Chromate Conversion Coating
Base metal substrate
Aluminum and Zinc Die Cast
Paint base
Electrical conductivity
Anti-corrosion seal
Clear or yellow
Trivalent Clear
MIL-C-5541/MIL-DTL-5541 Classes 1A & 3, Types 1 and 2
ASTM-B-449 Classes 1, 2, 3, 4
Chromate conversion picture1

Features of Chemical Conversion Coating:

Chemical Conversion coating provides a protective layer on aluminum and aluminum alloys for protection against corrosion on painted and unpainted surfaces and protection where low electrical resistance is required.  
In addition, Erie Plating provides both hexavalent and trivalent chromate conversion. Trivalent chromate conversion coatings are nontoxic, RoHS-compliant alternative to hexavalent chromate conversion coatings.

  • Provides corrosion resistance on aluminum sheet, extrusions, forgings and aluminum sand or die castings.
  • Inexpensive in all applications.
  • When specified, provides nearly zero electrical resistance.
  • Excellent base for paint.
  • Prolongs shelf life and resists staining and fingerprinting.
  • Provides super corrosion resistance on all aluminum products by addition of seal.
  • Clear to light in appearance.
  • Excellent corrosion protection.
  • Salt spray hours from 72 to 120 depending on the part and alloy.