Standard Plating and Finishing

This is a list of the plating, finishing, and other services we regularly provide.

We also do specialty and custom jobs. If you do not find your process on our list, please contact our Sales Department (814)-453-7531 or request a quote with specific information about your project. We'd like the opportunity to put our 90-plus years of expertise in anodizing, plating, and polishing to work for you.

You can browse this list alphabetically. You can also search for your process by substrate metal, finish name, finishing effect, or any combination of the three. Just enter the item or items you are searching for in the boxes below and hit the "apply" button.

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Finish name Base Effect Spec
Abrasive Blasting - Aluminum Oxide, Glass, or Steel Grit Cleaning
Baking for Hydrogen Embrittlement Steel Technical QQ-N-290; QQ-P-416; QQ-Z-325; AMS-2750
Brush Plating Steel; Stainless Steel Small detail; Electrical; Repair MIL-STD-865
Buffing - Polishing Aluminum; Brass; Steel; Stainless Steel; Zinc Bright; Mirror; Satin
Cadmium Plating Steel; Stainless Steel Clear chromate; Yellow chromate; Olive drab chromate QQ-P-416 Type 1, 2; AMS-2400; ASTM-B-766; AMS-QQ-P-416; Other
Chemical Conversion Treatment Coatings Aluminum and Zinc Die Cast Paint base; Electrical conductivity; Anti-corrosion seal; Clear or yellow; Trivalent Clear MIL-C-5541/MIL-DTL-5541 Classes 1A & 3, Types 1 and 2; AMS-2473; AMS-2474; ASM-2477; ASTM-B-449 Classes 1, 2, 3, 4
Chrome Plating Aluminum; Brass; Copper; Steel; Stainless steel Decorative Chome - Bright; Decorative Chrome - Satin QQ-C-320 Type 1; AMS-2460
Chromic Acid Anodizing - Type I Aluminum MIL-A-8625 Type I; Other; Seal Options: Dichromate, Hot Water, Nickel Acetate
Cleaning, ultra-sonic All metalic substrates
Copper Plating Aluminum; Brass; Copper; Steel; Stainless steel Eletrical/conductive; Undercoat; Mask MIL-C-14550 ; AMS-2418; ASTM-B-734
Decorative Chrome Plating (copper, nickel and chromium) Aluminum Decorative Chrome - Bright; Decorative Chrome - Satin
Electroless Nickel Plating Aluminum die-castings; Brass; Steel; Stainless steel Mid phos 6-9%; Low friction; Bright AMS-2404; AMS-C-26074; ASTM-B-733
Electropolishing Stainless steel alloys
Hard Coat Anodizing - Type III Aluminum Color: charcoal gray to slightly green MIL-A-8625 Type III; Other; Seal Options: Hot Water, Nickel Acetate
Hard Gold Plating - barrel select/rack Brass; Copper; Iron; Stainless steel; Nickel alloys Bright hard gold MIL-DTL-45204, Type II, Gr C
Humidity Testing
Masking for Selective Anodizing and Plating
Nickel Plating Aluminum; Copper; Zinc; Carbon; Stainless steel anti-corrosion; electrical conductivity; barrier; paint masks AMS-2403; ASTM-B-689; QQ-N-290
Pangborn Blasting
Passivation, nitric and citric Stainless steel Corrosion resistance AMS-QQ-P-35; AMS-2700; QQ-P-35; ASTM-A380; ASTM-A967
Plating Wrought or cast brass; Aluminum; Copper; Zinc; Carbon; Stainless steel
Polishing Aluminum; Brass; Steel; Stainless Steel; Zinc Bright; Mirror; Satin
Salt Spray Testing ASTM-B117
Silver Plating - barrel Stainless steel Matte semi-bright silver AMS-2410; ASM-2411
Sulfuric Acid Anodizing - Type II Aluminum MIL-A-8625 Type II; Other; Seal Options: Sodium dichromate, Hot Water, Nickel Acetate
Sulfuric Acid Anodizing with Color - Type II Aluminum Color: black, blue, red MIL-A-8625 Type II, Class 2
Tin Plating Most common metals Bright ASTM-B-545 ; MIL-T-10727
Trivalent chromate conversion coating; chemical conversion coating Aluminum Clear seal; RoHS compliant MIL-DTL-5541 Type II
Tumble Burnishing
Vibratory Finishing
X-Ray Thickness Testing ASTM-B-568
Zinc Plating - Barrel Various Clear; Yellow; Seal QQ-Z-325; AMS-2402; ASTM-B-633