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Excellence in Plating — Anodizing — Polishing

Certified Aerospace, Military, and Industrial Metal Finishing and Quality Systems for over 90 years.

•  Nadcap certification

•  Vendor-approved and vendor-certified roster

•  ISO 9001:2015 Certification and IATF 16949:2016 Registration

•  Many finishes RoHS compliant

•  Environmentally responsible

•  Expedited delivery available

•  Next-day shipping to select areas

•  Veteran-Owned

•  CAGE number code 1T133

•  ITAR registration M24069

History of Erie Plating Company

In 1925, a small plating company was founded in Erie, Pennsylvania. Since those humble beginnings, and through the Great Depression, World War II, and many technological innovations, Erie Plating Company has remained a pioneer in the metal finishing industry. We continued to grow through the decades — in the 1970s we acquired our current facility on West 12th Street, in the 1980s we innovated new automation systems, in the 1990s we digitized our information systems for maximum efficiency, and in this decade we've made great strides in the area of environmental responsibility and protection.

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Erie Plating is currently veteran-owned.

Our plating and finishing facility

Located on the shores of Lake Erie in northwest Pennsylvania, our plating and finishing facility provides metal finishing services to hundreds of client companies in a variety of industries across the nation. Our facility is also our corporate headquarters, allowing our president, Dave Briggs, to personally oversee plant operations, cleanliness, safety, environmental protection, and production quality from his office inside the plating facility itself.

Protecting our environment

Erie Plating Company recognizes the importance of protecting the environment. After all, our president and other decision-making executives live in the same community and work in the same facility as the platers, chemists, quality inspectors, and other hands-on associates. Our interest in environmental safety is personal, and over the years we have continually invested in new, state-of-the-art pollution control systems. Currently, we run the largest and most efficient such system in our region. We also offer RoHS-compliant processes.