Electroless Nickel Plating

Electoless nickel
Base metal substrate
Aluminum die-castings
Stainless steel
Mid phos 6-9%
Low friction
Electroless Nickel picture 1
Electroless Nickel picture 2


  • Very smooth and even coatings can be achieved, regardless of the geometry of the part being plated.
  • Great flexibility in plating volume and thickness.
  • Provides good coverage in blind holes and recesses.
  • Provides uniform plating thicknesses over inside and outside surfaces.
  • Heat treated deposits compare in hardness to hard chrome.
  • Provides extremely low coefficient of friction.
  • Provides excellent corrosion resistance with thicknesses above .0005".
  • Electroless nickel coatings provide excellent surface finishes for shielding EMF and RF electronics.

Electroless nickel finishes cover a wide variety of nickel phosphorus alloy coatings. The phosphorus content in electroless nickel coatings can range from 2% to 13%. Erie Plating specializes in mid phosphorus with a phosphorus content 5%-9%. For customers requiring other electroless nickel coatings, Erie Plating welcomes your inquiry and will be happy to work with you to provide a finish that meets your needs. Each type of electroless nickel has particular advantages depending on the application and type of nickel alloy.

Medium phosphorus electroless nickel (available)

  • Very bright and semi-bright options
  • High speed deposit rate
  • Very stable
  • The most common type of electroless nickel applied